As the anniversary of Roe v Wade approaches, Fr. Chris discusses the pro-life teachings of the Church (why the Church is pro-life) and shares the powerful story of how Divine Mercy helped one woman to heal from her decision to end her unwanted pregnancy.

What is the the meaning Wedding Feast at Cana and why does it explain Mary's role of intercession? Fr. Chris Alar discusses this and presents the most incredible story of Zion Clark, who you won't believe when you see. Join us for this powerful episode of Living Divine Mercy.

In this episode, Fr. Chris explains what the Epiphany is and why it is so important. This forgotten feast is full of graces - learn how to receive what God wants to give us. Also, a touching story of a little girl who had a big impact on those in her life.

We all know about Christmas time, but do we know why the traditions we have came about? When does Christmas actually begin and when does the Christmas season actually end? What is the true meaning of the season and why do we celebrate it on December 25?

As Christians are we required to “forgive and forget?” Fr. Chris shares the answer to this question and enlightens us to exactly what asked of us from God and the mercy to be gained (for ourselves and for others) from forgiving.

How do we respond when non-Catholics say that Mary must have had sin because then she wouldn't need a Savior? How do we respond when they say that the bible says, "All people have sinned"? Learn how to explain the Immaculate Conception, the patronal feast day of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception. And what is the connection to Divine Mercy? Learn as Fr. Chris and other Marians share why it is so important.

In this episode learn about the real meaning of the misunderstood and forgotten season of Advent and how it can help prepare us not only for Christmas, but for eternal life. Special guest: Teresa Tomeo.

Join Fr. Chris as he discusses why Thanksgiving is a religious observance and why it is so important for us to express our gratitude to the Lord.

The Eucharist – Part Two: In a continuation from last week, the remaining seven secrets with Vinny Flynn are discussed and testimony is given by Fr. Chris Alar, MIC and others as to the power of the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

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