Message from the Marians

Jesus Before My Eyes

This is the most solemn week of the year as we meditate more deeply on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We acknowledge Him and bring Him due honor as we reflect on the depth of His sufferings and the causes that led to His willingness to atone for sin. It is Jesus who invites us to reflect on His Passion: "There is more merit to one hour of meditation on My sorrowful Passion than there is to a whole year of flagellation that draws blood" (Diary, 369).

Praying to Mary in the Month of May

During this adoration try to unite yourself in prayer with My mother. - Jesus to St. Faustina, Diary, 32 In the month of May, we show our gratitude to mothers for all that they mean to us. For mothers who have gone to be with the Lord, we pray for their souls and thank God for their influence on our lives. The Catholic Church also gives special attention to Mary - Mother of God and Mother of the Church. The entire month is dedicated to her who considered herself the "servant of the Lord" (Lk 1: 38).


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