Sparks of Mercy

Keep Calm and Trust in Jesus

By Chris Sparks

For years, one slogan has washed around the internet in endless variations: Keep calm and carry on.

It’s a reference to the British way of proceeding, especially during the time of the Blitz during World War II. As the German Third Reich rained down fire and devastation on the city of London, the people of Britain simply kept on keeping on. Another air raid? Down to the London Underground. Stiff upper lip, don’t let the Jerries get you down, and above all, keep calm.

Want to Help? Enroll!

By Chris Sparks

Everything I’m doing these days has a little undercurrent of adrenaline behind it. I’m a little antsy, a little too energetic. This is the sort of crisis that requires patience, though, and persistent trust: trust in God; trust in the scientifically recommended measures of social distancing; trust that, no matter what, the Divine Mercy will bring good out of the present troubled times.

And this is the sort of crisis that requires us to bring to bear all the natural and supernatural resources at our disposal.

Mercy in the Time of COVID-19

By Chris Sparks

Every day, it seems, we have more news of the spread of a strange-sounding disease. Every day, news of quarantines, of schools shut down, of increasingly larger disruptions in the ordinary workings of the world.

It’s enough to alarm the most sedate soul — but we’re called to something different. As Catholic Christians, we are called to virtue. More specifically, we’re called to live the cardinal and theological virtues, both in good times and in bad. Those virtues are:



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