Love, Mercy, and the Ark of the New Covenant

By Pat Polachek

To say that the summer of 2021 was one to remember would be an understatement! I would like to share a story of healing through the intercession of Jesus, the Divine Mercy, and Mary, Ark of the New Covenant.

My husband, George, and I are fans of Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, and watched his "Explaining the Faith" videos on “The Ark of the Covenant” and “The Precious Blood” (available on We were inspired to have a medal struck of the icon entitled by Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, “The Virgin Mary of Nazareth, Ark of The New Covenant, Throne of The Divine Mercy Incarnate.”

On June 25, 2021, George and I visited the Ark and Dove Retreat Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Fr. Boniface Hicks, OSB, gave some inspiring talks on the Real Presence of Jesus. Little did we know that, at this time, God was literally working on George’s heart, and Father’s words were what God wanted him to hear.

A troubled heart
Up to this point, George did not have any real issues with the defibrillator/pacemaker that was implanted in 2018. He was able to live an active life, and had recently turned 70.

On July 1, George was outside in 90-degree heat assisting contractors at our home, as we were having some renovations done. He’s a hands-on guy, and seldom takes a break.

But it was more than his heart could handle, and after four shocks with the defibrillator, he was taken to the hospital. They tried new meds, and he returned home. Two weeks later, he went back, and an ablation procedure was scheduled for July 14.

People were praying around the world. We prayed for Jesus’ Precious Blood to flow through Mary, Ark of the New Covenant, and fill George with healing.

Following George’s five-hour surgery, the doctor said that, after the ablation, George’s heart had had a “violent electrical storm.” He had to be intubated, sedated, and given mega IV meds in order to “calm the storm” and shut down his body to let his heart rest.

I thought we’d lost him.

Power of prayer
Thousands of people were praying through Jesus and Mary, Ark of the New Covenant, via social media and prayer groups. The following day, George’s heart was healing and doing much better.

In order for Jesus to calm George’s violent electrical storm, I believe He spiritually put George into the ark, into Mary, Ark of the New Covenant’s womb, for safety and continued healing! He received the Anointing of the Sick by a priest, and then he began to be weaned from everything. The following day, he left the cardiac intensive care unit.

But after a few days, doctors confirmed George had a UTI and life-threatening sepsis! Again, we prayed. This time, we were asking Jesus to pour His Most Precious Blood through the Eucharist; through Mary, Ark; and through George’s blood, to flow into every part of his entire being. In prayer, we asked Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, and Fr. Angelus Shaughnessy, OFM Cap, to intercede.

God’s mercy
Praise to God! On July 21, 2021, George was discharged, and returned home to recover and receive more healing mercies and graces, every day.

Over the past year, through faith, the prayer through Jesus’ Precious Blood, and devout use of sacramentals, George has experienced additional healings from Cdiff, prostate, colon, and lung issues. For this and more, we give great and humble thanks to God for His abundant mercy and love flowing through His sacramentals, and to the intercession of Our Lady.

Pat Polachek is the president and co-founder of the Foundation of Jesus The Divine Mercy.


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