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Nursing with the Hands of Jesus: A Guide to Nurses for Divine Mercy is the first spiritual guide for nurses on how to use The Divine Mercy message and devotion with the sick, injured and dying. An exciting and practical "how to do it" pocket size book is specifically for RN's who will receive 8 Continuing Education units! 

Marie F. Romagnano, RN, BSN, CRC, CCM, CLCP, a local New England nurse, founded Nurse for Divine Mercy and wrote her first book as a direct result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Nurses from her parish nurse trauma team could do nothing to help the victims of the terrorist attack as the American Red Cross called off their team to go to New York City due to so few survivors. The nurses realized that praying and using the The Chaplet of Divine Mercy from The Divine Mercy message and devotion was the most effective assistance spiritually since many of the injured and dying could not be reached. 

The spiritual care and support of the dying in emergency situations, catastrophic injuries, or in serious or terminal illness is the major objective and mission of the Nurses for Divine Mercy today. The organization reaches around the world and has special ties with Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine in Lourdes, France as well as the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy, Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Spiritual Work of the Nurses for Divine Mercy

Nurses for Divine Mercy are called to do a different work in serving our patients and to include their spiritual needs, not only their physical needs. The unique aspects of a volunteer nurse in the Nurses for Divine Mercy is combining the spiritual care of the patient interwoven with the physical medical care. 

The main purpose of the Nurses for Divine Mercy is to serve Jesus at the bedside of our patients with spiritual care through devotion to Him as The Divine Mercy. Bringing Jesus, The Divine Mercy to the bedside of the sick, injured and dying is what is at the heart of becoming a "Nurse for Divine Mercy". 

Expert instruction in how to spiritually care for the sick, injured and dying is the main focus of the book. 

Book review by Fr. George Kosicki, CSB: 
"Finally, we have a practical guide to minister to the sick and dying, not only physically and psychologically, but crowned with the spiritual ministry of HOPE and TRUST in the promises of Jesus given to St. Faustina, 'the great apostle of Divine Mercy in our times' (Pope John Paul II)."

I invite you to take this message of mercy and love to every professional nurse so they may learn more about Nurses for Divine Mercy.