Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 122

With war waging in Europe between Russia and Ukraine, and in the Holy Land between Israel and Hamas, the evils of war are all around us. But war seems to go against Christianity and the Fifth Commandment, “Thou shall not kill.” Father Chris Alar, MIC, explains whether war can ever be justified in the eyes of the Church. Then hear the amazing story of Robert Gannon, who experienced the traumas and tragedies of war, but also the difficulty of living at home before and after.

A week to pray for enemies, as well as friends

It’s Holy Week. Good Friday looms. And we’re caught in the same maelstrom of history we’ve been in for some time now, with huge headlines every single day, it seems. It’s a good time to remember how Jesus shows us the purpose of our life as Christians — not in worldly pursuit of power, revenge, or wealth, but in self-sacrificing love for God and neighbor.

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