Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 110

What does it mean to be a Marian Father of the Immaculate Conception? Father Chris Alar, MIC, and four of his brother priests share stories of their vocations. All have different ministries, but are all effective in their own way in spreading God's Divine Mercy. Then learn about the Hillybilly Thomists, a group of Dominican Friars who, in a ministry that is both entertaining and educational, inspire us to our Faith through music.

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 109

In the New Testament, St. Paul writes, “We have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God” (Heb 4:14). So, if Jesus is the Great High Priest once and for all, who, then, are Catholic priests? Father Chris Alar, MIC, explains how Christ established the priesthood, delegating His authority to forgive sins on earth to the Apostles and their successors (bishops and priests) down to the present day, known as Apostolic Succession. Then hear the story of Br. Gabriel, a Franciscan Friar who puts his faith and ministry on wheels – literally!

Mercy Unbound - Restoring Faith and Renewing the Priesthood

Episode 127 with Kevin Wells
Kevin Wells, a former sportswriter in Major League Baseball, has authored a remarkable and timely book called "Priests We Need to Save the Church." In his book, Kevin delves into a significant personal struggle, as well as the advice given by his uncle, Msgr. Thomas Wells, during that difficult time. The book further evolves in response to the Church crisis, as Kevin attempts to address the question, "What kind of priests do we need to save the Church?"

Mercy Unbound - Father Conlin: Convert, Priest, Lover of the Eucharist

Episode 92 with Father Conlin
Father Richard Conlin is a Catholic priest in the diocese of Vancouver, Canada. He is a former professional golfer and accountant. As the Catholic Church kicked off a campaign for the next three years to educate the faithful on the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, I asked Father to share his thoughts on the Eucharist.

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 33 - The Priesthood with Mark Wahlberg

Even going back to the Old Testament, the people of God have always had priests to mediate between them and God; to offer sacrifices in expiation for the sin of the people. Did the role of the priest change in the New Testament? And if so, how? Hear Fr. Chris discuss the priesthood and interview Mark Wahlberg about his new movie, Father Stu.

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