World Youth Day 2016

Day 6: World Youth Day 2016

I know that I left World Youth Day transformed - transformed by the experience of being there with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Day 5: World Youth Day 2016

Visiting St. Faustina's tomb. Venerating St. John Paul II's relic in his shrine. Lunching with young people. A Eucharistic vigil before the closing Mass. All this and more for Pope Francis at World Youth Day

Day 4: World Youth Day 2016

A visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau and then the Children's University Hospital in Krakow. The Holy Father then led the Way of the Cross.

Day 3: World Youth Day 2016

"Live with the conviction that you will never be alone," Filipino Cardinal Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle said this morning. What a way to begin the Day!

Day 2: World Youth Day 2016

Check out our coverage of Day 2 from World Youth Day in Krakow, where hundreds of thousands have gathered. It's all about mercy.

Day 1: World Youth Day 2016 - We Speak the Same Language

Through the Holy Doors we went!

The Eve of the Event: World Youth Day 2016 - We've Arrived!

Three days, three flights, one flight delay, three ticket mix-ups, some lost luggage, and our pilgrimage group has finally arrived in Krakow. Phew!

World Youth Day 2016 Begins

We're in the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, so what could be more fitting than Krakow for World Youth Day 2016?