Further Proof

March 28 - Friday in the Octave of Easter

Readings: Acts 4:1-12; Jn 21:1-14

[The Risen Lord] said to them, "Cast the net over the right side
of the boat and you will find something."
Jn 21:6

Whenever an attorney in a court of law wants to make his case, he knows that presenting compelling evidence is key to winning the day. When we read Scripture, we usually don't think in these terms. But, if we take the Gospel accounts seriously, they present compelling evidence for the Resurrection.

In yesterday's Gospel from Luke, the Risen Lord invited the disciples to touch Him and then He ate with them. In today's Resurrection account from John, He goes even further.

William Barclay observes, "A vision or a spirit would not be likely to point out a shoal of fish to a party of fishermen. A vision or a spirit would not be likely to kindle a charcoal fire on the seashore. A vision or a spirit would not be likely to cook a meal and to share it out. And yet as the story has it, the risen Christ did all these things."

It's telling, too, that Jesus in this account did the kinds of things that entailed sharing daily life with these disciples who were fisherman. He was alive in their midst.

Even more, the catch of 153 fish that is hauled ashore is significant. The great Doctor of the Church Jerome tells us that in the sea there are 153 different kinds of fish. The number symbolizes then that all nations are to be gathered into the Church. And notice that it is Peter, chief of the apostles, who "dragged the net ashore" (v. 11).

Barclay writes of this, "Here John is telling us in his own vivid yet subtle way of the universality of the Church. There is no kind of exclusiveness in her, no kind of color bar or selectiveness. The embrace of the Church is as universal as the love of God in Jesus Christ."

Jesus Christ, I believe that You have risen from the dead and that the salvation You offer is intended out of love for all, regardless of race, creed, or color. Alleluia! Amen.

Ezek 37:4-28
Lk 5:1-11
Lk 24:13-32

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Diary of St. Faustina
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