New from Marian Press - Stepping on the Serpent: The Journey of Trust with Mary by Fr. Thaddaeus Lancton, MIC

The prayer "Jesus, I trust in You" is a whole program of life, Fr. Thaddaeus Lancton, MIC, explains in Stepping on the Serpent: The Journey of Trust with Mary. In fact, it tells us how to make our pilgrimage home to God the Father through the Son with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, especially through the Church and Our Lady.

Father Thaddaeus explains that life is a continual choice between two paths, trust and distrust, and a Christian cannot remain neutral. To advance on our journey, we need to know our enemy, Satan, but more importantly, we need to know our companion, the Blessed Virgin Mary. She teaches us how to live the prayer "Jesus, I trust in You" in all our difficulties and trials; recognize the temptations of the serpent of distrust, the devil; step on him; and leave him in the dust.

Saying the prayer "Jesus, I trust in You" is easy. Living this prayer, as Mary did, is not. Father Thaddaeus shows us the way.

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Acclaim for Stepping on the Serpent

When we open our hearts to Scripture and the liturgy - especially the feasts of the Virgin Mary - we learn to trust Jesus. Only she was with Him from the beginning. She was close to Jesus to the last, and she remained with Him in His Church after the Ascension. She teaches us to trust amid the most trying circumstances. Father Thaddaeus demonstrates this in a deeply biblical, authentically Catholic, and truly practical way.
Dr. Scott Hahn, Author of Rome Sweet Home.

At the time of the French Revolution, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade encouraged Catholics to stomp out the devilish spirit of the revolutionaries by acting as the "heel of the woman" (Gen 3:15). In Stepping on the Serpent, Fr. Lancton echoes this biblical wisdom for the people of our times. He encourages us to overcome the distrustful spirit of our age by being like Mary, acting like Mary, and saying with Mary, "Jesus, I trust in You!" This book is a veritable summa on trust and will change your life!
Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC
Author of Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon

God and His Word are infinite and rich, deep and inexhaustible. The life of the Church and her saints draws us into this ecstasy of joy and fulfillment as we abandon ourselves to God and the spiritual life. Father Thaddaeus takes us by the hand and walks with us into this world of meditation and enrichment. Using Scripture, the life of Mary and the saints, and his own bountiful experience, he continues what the Church has always done - leading us deeper into trust and the love of God to better know and appreciate the mysteries and depths of our Lord and all that He wants us to experience in this life and the next.
Steve Ray
Author of Crossing the Tiber and Upon This Rock

We have a hard time trusting these days, and with good reason, at least where the culture is concerned. How many times have we heard or read these two simple words: trust me? They're all too common, given the constant bombardment of "fake news," and as a result, often cause us to roll our eyes, shake our heads, and ignore the latest politician, pundit, or media outlet proclaiming them. Unfortunately, this attitude toward trust often impacts our faith lives, as well. That's why Fr. Thaddaeus' book is so important. He provides us with an example of what true trust looks like in our Blessed Mother. But, like a good shepherd, he doesn't stop there. He also offers guidance, personal stories, and solid Catholic instruction to help us discern real trustworthiness, helping the reader grow closer, not only to the Mother of God, but to Jesus and His Church.
Teresa Tomeo
Syndicated Talk Show Host of Catholic Connection and The Catholic View for Women

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Fr. Thaddaeus Lancton, MIC, is the youngest of five. His mother died when he was two years old, and his father died shortly after he graduated high school, leading him to redouble his commitment to trusting in Jesus, the Divine Mercy. Father Thaddaeus has lived and studied in the Philippines, Poland, and Argentina, and has a licentiate in dogmatic theology from the St. John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland.


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