The Power of 'Not Feeling Like it'

By Marc Massery

Turn to any page of St. Faustina’s Diary, and you find spiritual gems. Like this one:

All [the power of sacrifice] rests in the will, and so these contrary feelings, far from lowering the value of the sacrifice in My eyes, will enhance it. Know that your body and soul will often be in the midst of fire. Although you will not feel My presence on some occasions, I will always be with you. Do not fear; My grace will be with you ... (Diary, 1767).

Do you want to help save souls?  

Well, preaching and teaching aren’t the only ways to convert hearts to Christ. We can help save souls through suffering and sacrificing for them. 

But what if you’re aggravated that you have to suffer in the first place?

If you’re someone who knows the power of redemptive suffering but are repelled by the idea of actually going through with it, then you’re not much different than St. Faustina.

Even though the Lord told her that she could save more souls through suffering than if she were, say, a missionary, St. Faustina often felt disdain at the idea of suffering for others. We are, after all, fallen, broken human beings. 

But the Lord told St. Faustina not to let her disdain for suffering discourage her. In fact, He said that the more she grew to despise sacrifice, while still going through with it, the more valuable her suffering would be, because sacrifice becomes more — not less — valuable the more it costs us. 

Feelings come and feelings go. We don’t always have control over them. But we do have control over our free will — one of God’s greatest gifts to us.

So, if you intend to suffer for other souls, you’re in a good place if you don’t really feel like doing it. If you need more of a reason to overcome your negative feelings and sacrifice for others, think of a specific person in your life who especially needs God’s mercy. Whenever you feel pain, think of their suffering. Because in the end, it’s our love for God and our love for the Lord through our neighbors that gives us the strength to choose to do what’s right, no matter the pain.   

Let’s pray today through the intercession of St. Faustina that the Lord will use our suffering today for the redemption of souls, even when we don’t feel like putting our pain to good use. 

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