When You're Suffering — Pray More!

When you’re going through trials and suffering, do you tend to pray more or less? n her Diary, St. Faustina wrote:

Let every soul remember these words: “And being in anguish, He prayed longer.” I always prolong such prayer as much as is in my power and in conformity with my duty. (872)

Saint Faustina prayed more when she was especially suffering. And so did Jesus! He suffered so intensely that He sweat blood. Yet, in His suffering, He turned to God the Father all the more. 

Now, it’s not easy to want to turn to the Lord more when you’re especially suffering. If you’re like me, when you suffer, you begin to wonder if the Lord has abandoned you. But that’s a lie!

God did not abandon you any more than He abandoned Jesus on the Cross. Just three days later, He rose from the dead. Your resurrection is coming too. Your suffering won’t last forever. So turn to the Lord more than ever amidst your pain, and trust!

Photo by Sam Rios on Unsplash


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As we look forward to celebrating the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven on Aug. 15, I wish to share a witticism I once read regarding Mary’s Assumption. The reason Mary was assumed, body and soul, into Heaven was because she always took herself so lightly.

[Jesus said,] “Let the children come to me, do not hinder them.” (Mk 10:14; see also 1 Tim 2:4).

On Dec. 28, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Innocents, those children in Bethlehem whom Herod slaughtered in fear of the newborn King (see Mt 2:16-18). And every year, we are reminded to pray both for those children who die before being baptized and to ask their prayers for us and for our intentions.

Let me say that again.

Did you know “The Rock” had a brother? And that he owes him a huge debt of gratitude?