A Novena for Thieves

By Olga McQuade

Eight years ago, my house was broken into. Thanks be to God, I was not home at the time.

The police responding to the break-in believed that, because the alarm went off as soon as the robbers came into the house, the only item they could carry off in that short amount of time was a television, which had been a gift from my daughter and her husband to me for Christmas.

I happened to have called the security company the week before about a problem that was happening with the alarm. The company found a flaw in the system, and they corrected it. Thank God.

In the days following the break-in, I found myself feeling violated that a stranger had broken into the house. When I walked by where the television had been, I could visualize the thieves standing there. Then, I found myself praying, “Dear God, what do You want me to do about this?” 

One day, my niece, who lives next door, came over for a little visit. There were several papers on the dining room table, but she noticed a pamphlet titled “Novena to the Divine Mercy.” I must have brought it from church. With everything that had happened, I didn’t even remember putting it there.

She said, “Look, Tia [Aunt], this Novena starts on Good Friday.” It was about a week before Good Friday. After she left, I picked up the pamphlet, looked at it for a little while, and I decided to pray the novena for the conversion of those people who broke into the house.

Every day, when I prayed the Chaplet and the daily novena prayers, I would pray for the conversion of those who had broken into the house. Then, as silly as it may sound, I would say, “And, dear God, if you can find the television for me, I would appreciate it very much.”

On Saturday, the ninth day of the novena, a detective came to the door to tell me that my television had been found. It was amazing.

Later in the week, my brother and I went to the detective’s office to claim my television. The detective told me that they had never found a stolen television in such excellent condition, “not a scratch on it,” and that all the wires were there and even the remote control. I told the detective about the novena and what my intentions had been. He listened intently. Days later, I thought, “If God returned my TV, He had to be working on the conversion of the thieves.” The miracle showed me that God hears all our prayers and that He wants us to pray for the conversion of sinners. I’ve also learned that one prayer God always answers is when we pray for the conversion of others.

Ever since that unforgettable time, I pray the Chaplet every day. Recently, I learned that Jesus told St. Faustina that He wants us to pray the novena every day, not just for nine days beginning on Good Friday. So, now I include the novena daily.

The Novena can be followed online at TheDivineMercy.org/novena or ordered at ShopMercy.org 


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On Dec. 28, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Innocents, those children in Bethlehem whom Herod slaughtered in fear of the newborn King (see Mt 2:16-18). And every year, we are reminded to pray both for those children who die before being baptized and to ask their prayers for us and for our intentions.

Let me say that again.

Envy can creep into our hearts, even within the Church, even among people laboring in the vineyard.

Meekness - steadfast meekness, courageous meekness - is the means by which hearts can be converted.