Mercy Unbound - Science & The Miracles of Padre Pio

Roy Varghese, author of fifteen books on the overlapping of science, religion, and philosophy discusses today his book on Padre Pio, “The Man Who Could be Two Places at Once”, available at

Defying the Science, or Compatible With it?

Padre Pio is known to millions throughout the world for his holiness, having the stigmata, the gift of bilocation, the ability to read souls, and much more. Roy mentioned how Padre Pio had all the gifts that many saints may be known for one of. He also clarifies how science and faith are not incompatible, yet many scientists do not accept faith and these supernatural gifts. Science is on one side saying religion is a bunch of fanciful tales and with all his spiritual abilities, Padre Pio is the answer to the shroud of skepticism known as the Modern Age.

His Gifts did not Make Him a Saint

Like the saints before him, he had his worldly and clerical adversaries. But Padre Pio was always obedient to his superiors. He embraced his suffering and looked at life’s crosses as an opportunity to strive for holiness; this is an attitude we should all embrace.

A Flood of Miraculous Stories

Roy shared with us some of the stories regarding Padre Pio's instances of bilocation including his WWII visit to Hungarian prisoner Cardinal Mindszenty. There were also stories from World War II of pilots being brought to safety and seeing Padre Pio and many other fascinating things discussed in the video including a story of soldiers who had died and came back to thank Padre Pio, his ability to read souls, and how the devil himself tormented him.

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