Divine Mercy Worksheets and Activities for Kids CD-ROM

A teachers's dream!

These 120 unique pages were designed by MOMM to help you teach and spread the Message of Mercy in a variety of fun and creative ways!

Materials are organized so you can either select a topic and find your grade level OR select the grade level and find all the materials available to that age group.



Follow up the lesson with your choice of activities to reinforce and expand upon the subject matter presented.


  • The Life and Mission of St. Faustina
  • The Divine Mercy Image and the Shroud of Turin
  • Celebrating and Living God's Mercy
  • The Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • General Content
  • Arts and Crafts

Grade Levels

  • Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade
  • Elementary 3rd—5th
  • Junior High 6th—8th
  • High School 9th—12th and beyond

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