'Explaining the Faith'

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The Eucharist in Scripture

Confession (Part 2), What You Didn't Know

Are You Saved? The Sacraments

How to Receive Graces During a Pandemic


First Fridays and First Saturdays

10 Commandments and 7 Deadly Sins

God the Father: The Old Testament

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of Life

Understanding Jesus in a New Way


Understanding the Holy Spirit

Understanding the Trinity

The Priesthood: What You Absolutely Need To Know

End of Life Guidelines

Halloween, All Saints & All Souls Day

Sin and Addiction: How to Beat It

Voting: What the Church Actually Teaches

Marian Consecration

Understanding Fatima

How to Bring Loved Ones Back to the Church

Marriage, Divorce, and Annulments

St. Faustina: Her Life and Spirituality

How to Understand the Bible: A Catholic Book

The Mass Explained

Spiritual Warfare

Angels: The Forgotten Army

Why Purgatory Must Exist

Catholic View of End Times (Part 3 of 3)

Catholic View of End Times (Part 2 of 3)


Catholic View of the End Times:

How to Pray:


The Shroud of Turin and the Image of Divine Mercy


Explaining the Faith - Divine Mercy 101 (Part 2)

Explaining the Faith - Divine Mercy 101 (Part 1)

Explaining the Faith - God's Mercy After Tragedies

Explaining the Faith - Suffering: Why Does God Allow It?


Explaining the Faith — The Importance of Holy Communion


Explaining the Faith — Mary: The Gift of Mercy

Explaining the Faith — Catholicism: The Fullness of the Truth

Explaining the Faith — Confession and Divine Mercy