What Children Say About MOMM

I enjoyed the show. The best part was the shroud. I think everything that you showed us was neat and cool!

— Lourdes

My favorite part was when I heard the voice of Mary and Jesus. That touched my heart. I bet it touched a lot of hearts.

— Jesus

I really liked when we prayed the chaplet together and when you told us about St. Faustina. Can you come another day so we can do it with the whole school because my brother would like to learn it. 

— Letty

This was the "bestest" program I ever saw, and I'm gonna trust Jesus for ever and ever and ever. 

— Jimmy, Kindergarten

I loved the show, it was awesome. You did a great job.

— Alexis, Grade 2

It was cool. I know your husband was doing the sound of Jesus.

— Jackson, Grade 2

Thank you for telling us about St. Faustina. It was great. Jesus told me that he loves me he just doesn't like it when I sin. Thank you again. I am praying for you. God Bless.

— Morgan D., 3rd Grade

I loved the presentation. I will remember that for a long time! It touched my heart dearly. I can't believe that a(n) image of Jesus' face appeared on the cloth. I learned a lot. I did cry a little bit. I think he was asking me to try harder not to sin as much, he said, "I have a place for Ashton and it is in heaven!" Thanks, you are in our prayers!

— Ashton, Grade 3

I liked the pictures. They were very beautiful. They helped with the stories and told about the people. I learned that it hurts Jesus very much when you fight and don't come to church. My great grandmother just died so it meant a lot to me. If she were with me I think she would think it was beautiful. I am going to spread the word by helping people understand about Jesus. I'm' going to love and care for everyone. Then, they might understand.

— Paige, 4th Grade

When I walked out I was as peaceful as a dove. St. Faustina inspired me. She helped me learn that even when I confess to the priest Jesus is with me. From now on I'll try to pray, "Jesus I trust in you" every day. I think the people who put this on should be saints. They helped me open my eyes and see that no matter what I do, or say, Jesus loves me!

— Janie, Grade 4

Thank you so much for sharing the Divine Mercy presentation with us. My favorite part was when I heard the voice of Mary & Jesus. That touched my heart. Even if you act it out it still touched my heart. I bet it touched a lot of hearts.

— Marissa, 4th grade

Thank you for the presentation you did for us. It really touched many lives. What really touched my heart is when I realized that one person can make a difference. Almost all the children didn't know about the things you talked about like the chaplet. Only because you two shared with us now about 400 students know how to pray the Chaplet. Thank you!

— The touched heart, Lourdes S., 4th Grade

I learned a prayer can go a long way and Jesus is the holiest person ever, even holier than the saints. I really liked the Shroud of Turin. The way I plan to spread the message is to travel around the world. I got the idea from you!

— Emily, grade 4

You explained a lot and I enjoyed it! It was excellent. I learned a lot. Have fun on all your trips! I will keep you in my prayers always.

— Ashlee, 5th grade

I really liked your presentation. It was cool how the picture of the cloth changed faces. It really helped me to become a better person in just one hour. I hope that you have a safe trip home. I really liked the whole thing.

— Kimberlee, 5th grade