The Life of St. Robert Bellarmine

By his devotion to Our Lady, St. Robert Bellarmine (1542-1641) was made into a powerful tool in the hands of Our Immaculate Queen.

Our Lady of Sorrows

To celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows Sept. 15, we look at how Our Sorrowful Mother shows us how to benefit from life's unavoidable pain.

Not Alone

Juanita Flores learned to pray from her grandmother. But it wasn't until Juanita found the Divine Mercy message and devotion that she could overcome the rest of her grandmother's legacy. 

The Nativity of Mary

It's the Blessed Mother's birthday! And what could be more appropriate than a cake?

Burger, Fries, and Mercy!

Can you count on Jesus to keep you from getting parking tickets? I count on Jesus for a lot of things, but not usually for parking tickets. But as a priest once told me, “God can do whatever He wants.”


Heaven Calls

A retreat cabin on the river to escape to was always my plan. An elderly cabin owner, Glen, had the answer to my prayer.

Labor Day in the Year of St. Joseph, Model of Workmen

Allow the magisterial social teaching of the Church to challenge and form you. And turn to St. Joseph in all your needs, especially those related to work, employment, and the financial needs of your family.

'Our Moral Obligation'

"In my whole life, I have only heard one homily focused on the environment," said Fr. Chris Alar, MIC.

Why St. Joseph?

In this official Year of St. Joseph, which extends through Dec. 8, the following is not an unreasonable question to ask: Why St. Joseph?